KODAMA TOKI is a ceramic studio run by Kiyomi Kodama. Each product has its own special expression. They are all made by hand in her studio in Tokyo, Japan while using plaster molds which is originally a technique for mass production. 


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It is important for us to create space in the whole process and to let the clay and materials take their own way. We try to leave the natural shapes during the production process as much as possible until the end. Each individual piece we make is unique and it’s special.

STORY of hausbrot

hausbrot is a food design project by Kiyomi from KODAMA TOKI and her partner Heiko from Germany, both based in Tokyo, Japan. The journey began with a simple yet powerful ingredient: sourdough starter, a natural yeast born from flour and water. Inspired by the rich tradition of German baking, we set out to recreate the beloved sourdough bread cherished by Germans worldwide. HAUSBROT means house bread in German. Here you will find bread and baked goods made with homemade sourdough that we enjoy so much, as well as lovely things and items around it.


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